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I couldn't wait to receive my Dirt Devil Carpet Shampooer. I received it Friday and Sunday starting using it by cleaning my two hallways but didn't go any further as I wasn't happy with the results. I had a Bissell Heat Pro that had quit but I had been happy with it until I started having trouble with it after around 5 years. I can't call the Dirt Devil a steam cleaner as I did add hot tap water but I couldn't tell a lot of difference in my carpet. It was heavy and I kept going over & over it plus then over it again with what was hopefully a clean water rinse. With my Bissell, I could go over the carpet & suck up water. I tried to go over & over after the clean water rinse but couldn't tell that it was picking up anything.. The carpets were wetter than with my Bissell. It only makes sense as you can tell by the dirty water that is sucked up is less than the clean water going out. I would really like to just return it for a refund. What procedure do I go about to do this?

This is the first message I sent to Discount Cleaning Products & have not had any satisfaction from them. You can call & the only thing you can do is leave & message with a promise of a return call in a few minutes. I have called several times & never received a return call.


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Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do NOT order from them.

It has been weeks and I have received nothing even though they charged my credit card a month ago.

Be warned, they will not answer the phone, they will not answer your email. They are theives!!!!

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #629747

They sent me the wrong product and it has been a nightmare to contact them!!! Horrible customer service!!!

Burbank, California, United States #580412

Warning!!! Discount Cleaning Products deletes all bad review from their web site.

I posted a bad review on a few products and they delete them. Don't trust their advertised products.

Los Angeles, California, United States #580410

FALSE ADVERTISMENT!!! I bought the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum RM (Factory Serviced) and it came in horrible condition! This was advertised as, “New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging” but clearly not the case. 1, the handle of the vacuum would not screw on or stay on. 2, some oily substance was all over the vacuum. 3, the body was all scratched up. 4, battery life only lasted for 10 minutes even after it was fully charged.

I called Discount Cleaning Product’s customer service. Each time I called, no one answers, no one returns my calls when leaving a message and no one returns my call even after promising to call back (5 times). Yes, I said 5 times, not exaggerating! At one point someone answer the phone and hung up. It was very obvious that they were avoiding my calls. Especially from Amanda Kohout title “Key Account Executive”. Each time I spoke with her she acted very polite and promised me she would call me back or have someone call me back to assist me. WAS I FOOLED! For three weeks straight I was trying to get some customer service. I left messages, emailed, and was ensured by Desiree, Missy, and Amanda a returned call. Please note that I was very nice each time I spoke with them too.

Finally when I got through to Desiree, I explained my service issue and begged for help. Yes you read correct, I humbly begged! I promised them if they can resolve my vacuum issue that I will never call them again. That finally caught their attention and was able to send me another Hoover refurbished vacuum.

The second order was not much better. At least the handle stays on but the battery life is still only 10 to 15 minutes long. Just enough time to clean the dog house. So instead of returning the Hoover unsatisfactory refurbished stick vac, I decided to keep it so that I won’t have to go through Discount Cleaning Product’s *** Service.

To sum up my complaint and hopefully save someone else from buying from them:

1. Fales Advertising

2. Bad Customer Service

3. Refurbish products is in very poor condition


many of the items they list for sale, are not even in available. you'll discover this a week or so after you have ordered and paid. still waiting for my refund, filing a dispute with my CC company.


I notice the only good comments concerning Discount Cleaning is if they are happy with the product they purchased. So I still stick with my original statement - DO NOT BUY FROM DISCOUNT CLEANING. There are reputable dealers you can buy from that stand behind their products.

to Margaret R Wise #629815

I see I'm not the only one that was very dissatisfied with Discount Cleaning. Everyone needs to put the word out to not buy anything from Discount Cleaning.

Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sam's, Amazon, Wal-Mart - buy from anyone who stands behind their products.

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM DISCOUNT CLEANING. I see there is 12 reviews & only one good which I wonder if that was written from someone who works for them.


Thanks for the warning commentors I'll get it somewhere else


I think Discount Cleaning Products is a great company. I purchase a vacuum from them that shipped out right away and I had it within 3 days.

I actually placed the order with Amanda and she was a very polite and helpful woman. I recommend them to everyone.

Prices are low and customer service is fantastic! :)

to Happy Customer #629816

Happy Customer - I would bet you work for Discount Cleaning Products.


The new Unilux 3000 steam cleaner I ordered blew three electrical circuit breakers within 20 minutes of first use. When it cooled down, the steam wand no longer functioned.

Discount Cleaning Products refused to provide a replacement machine as promised in the written return policy regarding defective products on their web site. Amanda of Discount Cleaning Products shouted at me once, hung up on me once, and subsequently refused to answer several phone calls and emails while I tried to work out some kind of resolution between Discount Cleaning and the manufacturer Puregreen International.

Discount Cleaning clearly sees no reason to honor their written web policies. Puregreen International also refuses to refund purchase price or replace a clearly defective - if not dangerous - product.


I just purchased an Oreck Cleaner form Discount Cleaning Products. Received the cleaner in 2 days.

Awesome product awesome service. I contacted their customer service via chat to get status on order. They said they would advise me of status, but by the time I got home vacuum was there.

Online status could be a little better. overall very satisfied.


Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Our customer service team is always available to try to assist to their best ability.

Please contact us Monday - Friday from 8-5 PM and we'd be happy to see how we can assist.

Live chat is also always available Monday - Friday. 888-233-0851


Nothing. I finally gave up. All I know to do is try to advise any & everyone not to buy anything from Discount Cleaning Products & hopefully run them out of business


I purchased a Steam cleaner from Discount Cleaning products and they hung up the telephone 6 times on my Husband. What can I do?

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